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Loved every minute of our trip With Ecovoyage Travel

I booked the best of Nepal in Ecovoyage travel and tour. The travel operator was very friendly and helpful. He picked us up at the airport as promised. The tour was great we enjoyed the Kathmandu City. I visited Kathmandu and Chitwan National Park in our short six day trip. Mr Giri Raj and his team were well-organized and efficient with communication. Every aspect of our trip went according to the itinerary and we were well informed about the details. I highly recommend this Tour with this Ecovoyage Travel team. They even contacted us after the trip to make sure that we were happy with how everything went.

Xuan, Wanjun

They Did Everything For Us

From the time I emailed them until we left they were always good about communicating. My spouse and I took the trip of a lifetime with Ecovoyage Travel. Before our trip, we were not expecting our 8 days trip to Nepal will be so memorable and enjoyable. Thanks to Mr Yugan, who arranged everything for us. He was there in the airport to receive us. The hotels were excellent and comfortable. The visit of Lumbini and Chitawan jungle safari always come in my memory. So I think, its my fortune to find this agency who are always ready to help and have an excellent knowledge of the areas visited. Great team and I highly appreciate the Ecovoyage team.

Ma, Xiangying

Hi there!

As I listened Nepal is one of the most desired tourist destinations of all time. Due to these cultural norms and values, Nepal is a most slective destination for tourism industry. Annually, the visitors arrive in Nepal and they are almost always enthusiastic about spending their holidays in Nepal’s touristic sites and they have to be encouraged to do so through extensive marketing efforts. So, I'm planning to spend about 9 days in Nepal in my vacation very soon but I've never been there before and was wondering if it was best to book a tour or travel independently. I'm not really known about that, so I am hoping to take the independent option but don't know how to find a best trekking experience that I can do in this time schedule while still having time to explore Kathmandu and  Pokhara ? I'd love to see Everest, as well. Is this too much to fit into nine days?
Thanks so much for your advice, much appreciated!

Shi, Shaotian

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